Saturday, 15 December 2012

Daisy Daisy

Hello All,

I have been watching "one born every minute, what happened next" It has been quite entertaining viewing, as I am fully understanding the joys and the challenges of having a little person take over your life ... I found it especially hilarious when one of the mums said, " I knew I would not get much time for myself, but I do miss going for a wee on my own!!" too funny and too true!! I am quoting this rather than apologise once again for the lack of activity on my blog!! I think I will just have to accept that for quite sometime things are going to be hit and miss.

I am still very passionate about my crafting, however I spend more time watching rather than doing!! What amazes me is that when I watch c&c and they interview the guest to find out when they began crafting, and so many times they say " well when I had the children I had more time and began crafting " ...... I just think HOW? I was already an avid crafter and barley have time to craft, let alone discover a new passion!!

Last night I made this card, and a couple of others. I colored this image not long after Kezia was born so about 9 months ago, and it is just getting used now!!

I am still spending lots of time working in my art journal ... I am really enjoying that, I find it easier as I dont need as much stuff!! Just a journal a pen and some pencils, I have done lots of doodling which I am loving, and am gradually gaining confidence in my drawing .... I did used to take Art at school but had no confidence in my ability. I will show some pages here I just need to get them photographed. I am hoping as my confidence grows I will be able to use some of my own art work in my cards.

Love to all
Thanks for looking ( and for sticking with me, whilst I am just dipping in and out of blogland, I do think of you all often!!)

Hugs Juls


  1. Hiya hun - so good to hear from you :o)
    Your card is stunning - love the image and faab doodling.
    You must be sooo excited for this Christmas - hope you have a fabulous one.
    Here's to a Happy Healthy New Year too.
    Take care
    Debs xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean hun... I was lucky that once Dex was about 6 months he'd have long daytime naps so I used that time to craft. It gets easier... or different at least!

    Your card is lovely. Pretty image and colours, and a fab design too :o) Hugs, Lisa x

  3. We've all been there Juls lol but sure you wouldn't have it any other way. I love your gorgeous card, the papers are really sweet too. Hugs

  4. Hi Juls how nice to find your name popping up at the top of my blog list. Loving what you've done with Daisy and amazing to think that Kezia is 9 months already. I'm babysitting this weekend at Crieff and this is the first time I've opened my laptop! I'm sure my kids were never as noisy as these two. I suggested that we needed to hear Oliver's indoor voice but hubby reckons that he doesn't have one. He says he doesn't think Oliver has a volume control!!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment.

    Kat xx

  5. super cute. love this image and card

  6. Hi Juls, hope you and your lovely family are all ok, so great to 'hear' from you. :O) You made me chuckle about the wee'ing comment, so true! Mind you I can't get in for a wee now as my 20 year old son is always in there. Kids eh! This is a gorgeous card, love the sweet image & beautiful details.

    Donna x

  7. Hi my sweetie this is sooooooooo beautiful & my favourite all time sugar nellie stamp, I love this one so much & it is one I could NEVER think of parting with.
    Sweetie you dont ever need to say sorry shug you have a little 'un. I only started crafting 2 n half years ago, when the kids were little if I wasnt looking after them or playing with them I was cleaning.......I've never had time for hobbies til now shug. Even now I wonder how I do it at times as Natalie is still like a baby & I have my grandaughter nearly every day but its less hectic then her been here all the time lol. The fact that you dont have much time shows you are a dedicated mum in my opinion sweetie. I dont mind if you never comment on mine shug I truly understand & life & families have to come first. I hope you do find a bit more time for your crafting at some point hun cus of how much you enjoy it.

    I wish you & your family a truly magical christmas & all the very best for the years ahead hun mmwah.

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  8. A gorgeous card, great colours and a fab

  9. Hi Juls, this is such a pretty card and I love your mix of colours and papers. It's lovely to see you back in blogland, it does get easier at the little one's get older :) Donna ♥ x

  10. so gorgeous your pretty colours and really stunning card design and image :D
    i tend to do my crafting at night when jack is in bed, although now he is older i try to make a batch in

    xx coops xx

  11. Hi Juls

    Lovely to see you posting .. .. if it makes you feel any better I have had images coloured in and waiting to be used even longer than 9 months!! LOL!!!

    You will have all the time in the world when that gorgeous baby has grown .. .. believe me you will wish for these days back again .. .. just enjoy the snatches of time you have for a crafty play.

    Your card is a gorgeous shape and I love the colours.

    Love Jules xx

  12. Hi Juls. Lovely to see you venturing into blogland again. Love the bit about getting a wee on your own. Ah- such memories!
    Good job you had this imaged coloured as it has come in right handy to make this gorgeous card.
    Beryl xx

  13. Oh love the shape of this card, and the sweet colors !
    oh your daughter is already 9 months, the time flies !
    I'm sure her first Christmas will be fabulous!
    Kisses !

  14. Hi Juls!! 9! That has just slipped by so fast! I'm sure you have a right little character taking shape now!! It always amazes me how the working moms manage to juggle all thir balls AND still craft - I know you get in a routine and you do what you gotta...but still!! Glad you are still passionate about it! Daisy is such a favourite wee image of sooooo many! She is just adorable. Love the colours and style of your card too!xx

  15. Lovely, Juls! It's so great to see you getting crafty again! I can't believe it's been 9 months either - I hope you are enjoying motherhood! Hugs!