Wednesday 9 November 2011

My New Craft Attic

Hello All,

I am afraid this is rather a picture heavy post. I finally have managed to finish organizing my new craft space ..... unfortunately my sickness has severely hampered my progress, but it feels great to finally have it done ..... its not fancy with all the specially designed storage (something I hope I may get when we eventually move house) However I still really love it, I think it is kind of quirky, my Hubby has built it all using old sets of drawers, off cuts of kitchen work top, and various odds and ends of wood that he has saved over the years.

My Desk .... and newly purchased ottilite ... which I felt was essential as I have no daylight at all .... The little carousel is also a new purchase, very handy for all those essentials .... I have to say I feel a wee bit bad about that one, I spent the same on that, than I did on the baby's cot which I bought 2nd hand on gum tree!!

I have a little shelf handy for inks e.c.t ... I also asked hubby to put in a cork board, I have seen a few crafters with this in their room ... I cant wait to fill it up with inspirational things.

I now have all my tools to hand next to my desk, rather than in a cupboard, I am hoping this will mean that I will put them all to better use as it will be more accessible!

When sorting out an entire craft room you realise just how much stuff you have ........ I have so many stamps, One of the sets of drawers is full of wooden stamps ... I have a box full of unmounted stamps, another box with just sugar nellie stamps, 3 Anna Griffin folders full of acrylic stamps, a cd storage unit with even more unmounted stamps, and the top section of my storage caddy is also full of stamps!! ...... I had thought of counting them all so that I could confess all, but I am not sure if I actually want to know!!!

How thoughtful is my hubby, he designed this ribbon storage for me .... I didnt even ask him to, he just thought it would be useful !!! Awhhhhh!!!

Its hard to believe that at one point in time my entire craft collection fitted in that pink and brown papermania caddy.

Now the bottom section holds my paper collection, and the top half yet more stamps!!

Well that's the end of the tour, I am hoping over time to pretty it up a little, but I am very please with it, at first I hated the thought of moving into the loft! I think hubby has done a fabby job of building it all for me and I look forward to using it. Now we just need to turn the old craft room into a nursery!!

I am going to join WOYWW this week.

Thanks for looking
Hugs Juls


  1. I think your new room looks wonderful Juls. I like the fact that your hubby used old drawers and offcuts of work tops. It's added to its character. What a lovely space to work in.

  2. Hi Juls,
    Wow what a wonderful workspace. No excuses now. Your storage space is fabulous and all that yummy stash. Brilliant.
    Fiona x

  3. What a fabulous craft attic Juls! Made even more special as your DH built it for you :) Enjoy ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  4. its a fantastic space Juls, how wonderful is your husband for thinking of the ribbon storage, now theres a real crafters husband isnt it...I hope your sickness is a little better real soon so you can use it
    Mina xxx

  5. Hi Juls, I think your new craft attic looks amazing. What a clever hubby to do this for you and how thoughtful he is with his clever ideas to make things handy and easy to find. Looking forward to seeing what you create in your lovely new crafty space. I'd like to tidy up my stuff, I'm sure I could be more productive but I keep putting it off!!

    Enjoy your new space.

    Kat xx

  6. Awesome space! Your husband is very handy!

  7. how much fun! I love the your new space. Congrats!

  8. WOW an AWESOME room,have fun creating!!!
    Hugs xx

  9. Wow! Lucky you with that handy hubby! Its amazing how fast we accumulate STUFF! I'm a bit embarassed about my stash of paper...and then there's all the stamps....!!!!!
    I'm sure you're going to love your new space when you're feeling a bit more up to it, hope that is soon Juls!
    Viv xx

  10. Ooh love having a nosy at other peoples stash - and thats a lot of stash lol xx

  11. oh hun this is one amazing craft room really does look so cosy and just love all your storage and the ribbon holder you hubbie bought you,beautiful,take care hun and hope the sickness,soon disapears,hugs cherylxxx

  12. You have a great craft space, your hubby did a great job !!!
    I sure you will create lovely things in your craftroom. And no no no .... don't count your stamps !!!!!!!!!!! But I'm sure we all had just a small box .... and now all have our own shop :)))

    Big hugs,

  13. Hi Jules

    Your craft space looks amazing.

    What a talented hubby you have.

    I wish you lots of happy hours of creating in there.

    Love Jules xx

  14. This is wonderful!! Isn't it great to have a room dedicated just to what you love to do--I love my art room--my little haven

  15. wow it looks fab juls.i can`t wait to see the creations you make in your own little craft space :D

    xx coops xx

  16. Hi Juls, Thanks for sharing your new crafty work room. FUN and how exciting for you!!! I think you will really enjoy it dear. To have a full room with all of your crafty fun stuff right at an arms reach for you. I hope you are well dear..
    hugs, Janiel

  17. Wow Juls how well organised are you! I need to take a relook at mine and reorganise or get shot of some stuff. Putting me to shame!
    Hope the sickness will soon wear off and you can have some crafty fun,
    regards Erika.

  18. So fantastic, you must be so thrilled to have such a fab space and soooo organized! And make sure to give hubby a big kiss what a clever guy putting all your needs together for you, love the ribbon holder!

  19. Oh wow Juls you lucky lucky girl, your crafty room is fantastic, great place to retreat to.
    enjoy it.
    Hugs Angie x

  20. I love your space Juls, it has so much personality! I think it is perfectly wonderful and would be very inspiring to work in, your hubby did an A+ job on it, he really is a sweetie! :)

  21. WOW !!!! This is a superb space !!!!!!!!! Congrats Juls, it's lovely, i admire the organisation ! And congrats to your hubby too !

  22. What a great craft space! I love it :) Very clever hubby!
    Enjoy your new room and congratulations on your happy news......hope the sickness subsides soon x

    Jenny xx

  23. I love it! look how neat and tidy it all is... and all those yummy goodies!! I'd hate to have to pull all my craft stuff out - especially infront of DH.. he'll have a heartattack :) Have fun crafting!! xx

  24. What a wonderful craft space, but will u be able to keep it this tidy?! Hope you are feeling better x

  25. A wonderful space of your own to create it - well done hubby.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  26. Wow, your space looks fabulous. Hope that you feel up to making again soon. Kim

  27. Hi Juls, nice to see you posting again. Looks like you have a lovely little craft space, you've got a good hubby there! I wish I had my own craft space, instead of sharing the dining room and having to pack away every day! I think, if you are stamper, rubber stamps are a severe obsession, I know I can't stop myself from buying more, and more, and more!

    Lovely card in your last post as well, sorry to hear you are still suffering. It will be worth it in the end and you will forget what you went through very quickly! A friend of mine was sick all through her pregnancy (severely sick) and is trying for number two now!

    Best wishes, Sarah

  28. Juls I just love your work space. Its so perfectly fitted out, every space is used to its fullness. What a brilliant ribbon storage and how thoughtful is your hubby. Just showed it to my hubby hint hint lol. I hope you have many happy hours in your new space when the sickness has lifted. Big hugs

  29. Thanks for the advice Juls xx (hope you are feeling better today xx)

  30. Wow Juls, what an amazing craft space, you are so lucky and hubby has done a wonderful job :) Donna x

  31. I am glad you get something done despite of your sickness, you got gal!
    It is always nice to peek into someone's else crafting space, thanks for sharing!

  32. How EXCITING, Juls! I am so GLAD you posted pictures! It is always so fun to see where others create! I have to give kudos to your DH for being so thoughtful about the ribbon storage and all of the other essentials! FAB space!

  33. This looks awesome! Enjoy your space :) Looks like everything is nice and tidy.

  34. Hi Jules,
    Wow your new craftroom looks amazing,I spy so many yummy
    How are you doing, won't be long now eh...
    I've been a bit selfish lately, not blogged hardly, been so engrossed trying to learn and practice as much as I can with copics
    If it wasn't for the MIC group I probably would be on here even less to be honest. hub,s had lots of time off work too lately, he was owed so much holiday...
    He brought me an iPad and I thought I would be back to blogging all hours but I find it hard to type and it don't half hurt my eyes if I am on it for a length of time....
    sorry if I went on a bit Hope everything is well with you and thank you for still keeping in touch Hun

  35. Wow Juls, you must be in your element, a great craft space. I have the same carousel on my desk and the same ottlite. Arent them blue draws WH Smith, loads of them as well and probably match quite a few stamps and papers lol. Enjoy!

  36. You lucky thing to have your own space for your passion, it's very lovely enjoy. Dxx