Thursday, 5 August 2010


Hello All,

Well, after organizing my craft room I decided to put all my little scrapling size cards (you know the bit left over from making a square card) Into a little bundle......Like so:

Then I actually went through all my scrap papers that were stashed all over the place...and threw out some of the tiny pieces that were ridiculous...I know this doesn't look particularly organized but this is what I was left with:

I sat down the other night and thought right I am just going to make little cards and try and get rid of this bundle....however I only got this far:

...errr I think I have a long way to go.....however in my defence I was just getting in the swing of it, when I got a text from my friend wanting me to make some cards for her, so I had to abandon my mission, and move it to a later date....It will probably mean that I will quite regularly be posting tiny little collections like these.......mmmmmmmmmm I wonder if I will ever get to the of my scraps, If I could it would clear my conscience no end if I did!

Anyway I thought I would enter my little scrapling collection into:

Die Cut Dreams - Gingham (each card has a touch of gingham ribbon)
Cute Card Thurs - Whateva '


  1. Oh Juls
    How organized are you?!!!!!
    LOve those cards you have made
    Love sarah x

  2. Oh my goodness Juls! :) You are so cute! But I bet it feels really good to get all those scraps into one section like how you've done! You're awesome! And even with the scraps, your projects are GORGEOUS!!!! :)

    Big Hugs to You!

  3. Hi Juls,
    What a brilliant target to set yourself. These smaller cards look fantastic. I must sort through my scraps to see if I can get some small cards made - particularly with Christmas in mind.
    Fiona x

  4. Beautiful little scraplings, love the whole collection. Good for you using some of those scraps up!

  5. Thanks for joining us at DCD with these cute looking cards, isn't it a pain when you get all these little bit's just hanging around lol, hugs Liz xx

  6. Always good to use some of the scrap-paper! It feels good, even though the pile grows fast!! :D

    Lovely cards you've made as well! ;)

  7. Love those cards, now you can come organized my scraps.

  8. There a fab bunch of cards Juls. I'm lazy and unless their a decent size, I put them in the bin - nawty me!

  9. ah Juls the age old problemo...those darn scraps...every crafter has 'em! I hoard them too...but could I give you a few suggestions of how to lessen the load?
    1. use a co-ordinating strip on the outside of your envelope
    2. decorate the inside of the card
    3. use a couple of bits to decorate/add your name on the back of the card
    4. decorate a matching gift bag and make a co-ordinating gift tag
    5. give some to a new crafter who would be glad to build their stash quickly
    6. give them to the kids to create with
    ok, maybe you already do these things...or maybe you might get one wee tip! eithhr way, they'll always be around methinks!! I mean with all the new goodies constantly coming out, who can actually STOP buying for that long?! lol bx

    PSS Love the mini cards!

  10. Juls you are such an inspiration, I want to do this now too, we need a new challenge blog for all things made of scraps lol. Love that little batch of cards and love the great tips from craftyb!

  11. This is a great idea!! I have to use up my scraps too!! Those cards are just adorable!

  12. Love your little cards Juls, they look lovely. I'm like you with scraps. Can't throw stuff out. One day when I've got more time I'm going to make an effort though. I think some of the stuff I keep is a bit ridiculous lol!

    Kat xx

  13. Fab Entry, thanks for joining Die Cut Dreams challenge, Good luck.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  14. that is too funny Juls & great scrapling cards!!!

  15. Gorgeous cards they are so vibrant and alive. Thanks for joining us at DCD this week, hope to see you again

  16. Very cool use for your scraplings, it's an adorable card set! At least you have a plan and a start on your scraps!

  17. Fabulous scraplings Juls!

  18. Oh ... haha!! All good intentions. I organised my scraps about 8 months back, and so pleased that I did as now I do dig into my scraps, but the pile still grows :( Then a week ago I actually made some little card with my scraps! Was so pleased and motiviated! As I guess you must be too. I just love your cards and all with coloured images on too, mine don't have any ... shock horror!! Will blog them soon! keeleyxx

  19. that is one neath bundle, fancy sorting out mine lol!!! I love the cards you have made, its amazing what we can create with your leftovers :)

    thanks you so much for you sweet comments on my blog, really appreciate them, hugs mandyxx

  20. these are just yummy - great colours and a fab way to use up your scraps too

    Thanks so much for joining in with our gingham challenge at Die Cut Dreams

  21. Oh this is a lovely project, great colours and a great idea to use all your scraps. thanks for joining us at DCD this week.
    Dawn x

  22. fabulous idea & fabulous cards x

  23. Would you like to come and organise my scraps?LOL! Can I send you some??!!!!!
    Cute cards Juls, great way to use them up.

  24. Gorgeous cards great when you can use your scra;s,thanks for joining us at DCD.
    Chris x

  25. Another wonderful set of cards, great colors and especially love the black/teal!

  26. Wowie These are out of this world wonderful! Beth