Friday, 21 October 2011


Hello All,

I am back from my hols, I managed to get down there, but had to take medication to stop me from being sick... once I got there I spent the whole time lying on the sofa! and I wasn't well enough to sit and colour, however I did complete my cross stitch, this used to be my main hobby before I discovered papercrafting, I dont do it as much now but I still always have one on the go! ...... I want to do one for baby, but after trawling the Internet I love anything really girly, or something like Cars, so I have decided to wait until I know what it is before starting one, knowing me it will be about 10 before I have it completed!!!!! ...... this one is meant to have beading on it to, but I have lost the packet of beads so I will have to wait until a later date! She is "Marilyn Robertson - Lola"

I actually had a good day yesterday, so we started moving my craft stuff into the loft, by that I mean I managed to get in the loft without being sick, and I sat on a chair wrapped in a blanket whilst my poor hubby came up and down the loft with endless boxes and then I pointed out where I wanted them put ..... Its actually looking really good, I love the quirky feel to it, I think its quite "Artsy!" I have just ordered a Ottlite, so I have decent lighting for colouring, as that will be the main problem working in the loft.

I am still playing catch up with you all (the story of my life!!) but I should get round to see you soon.

Thanks for looking
Hugs Juls


  1. Just so gorgeous Juls...! love the colour hun and I'm also pleased to hear the meds are working and you are feeling a lil' better...

    have a super weekend....big hugs Vicky xx

  2. This is gorgeous Juls. such a lovely piece. Great idea to wait for the sex to make one for baby. Glad you went on a holiday, sorry you were on the couch the whole time!

  3. good to have you back Juls
    Glad you are feeling better too
    hugs sarah x

  4. aww x stitch was my first craft, looks fabulous x

  5. Wow! Beautiful cross stitch Juls!
    Sorry to hear you're still feeling yuk :(
    Sounds like your new craftroom is going to be wonderful! Pics when its finished please! LOL!


  6. Hi Juls, that's a gorgeous image. I used to cross-stitch before I started card making as well and I also planned to get something done for the baby's arrival - she is now 4 and the 'something' a throw for the bed, is still half finished in the cupboard!!! Hope your meds continue to work for you and the sickness eases. Best wishes, Sarah

  7. Love this Juls - fabulous colours and a striking image.
    Sounds like your loft is gonna be a very creative place to be - hope so.
    Have a great weekend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  8. This is gorgeous, Juls! Sorry to hear you haven't been well, but hope the meds continue to do their work! Hugs!

  9. oh lord Juls, you'll be glad when this is all over! hope you start feeling better soon. funny how so many of us did x-stitch before paper crafting. I love the shading on this one - gorgeous colours. I've bought a floor standing ottlite too this year - it's far and away the best craft light I've ever bought.

  10. Poor you Juls, its really hanging on to you that sickness:( Love your gorgeous cross stitch piece, I am very impressed. I did a bit of this myself before I got into cardmaking. Can't wait to see the loft:)

  11. oh wow juls just love this hun its one stuning piece,really beautiful,sorry to hear about your sickness hun must be awful take care hun hugs cherylxxxxxxx

  12. Lovely cross stitch Juls. Surprising how many of us did cross stich before getting hooked on cardmaking.

    Sorry to hear you had to spend your holiday lying down and I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Kat xx

  13. wow she is stunning intricate :D
    i really hope the sickness stops soon hun.
    take it easy.

    xx coops xx

  14. Stunning piece of work, cross-stitching was my main hobby before paper crafting too. I hope you enjoyed your hol even though you were sick. Have a good

  15. Great cross stitch.
    And it's great to hear from you, but so sorry you still haven't been well.
    I really hope you will feel better soon,don't worry about visiting blogs.

    Lots of greetings,

  16. Beautiful stitching Juls. Hope the sickness passes soon for you. keeleyxx

  17. Stunning work Juls and such a beautiful would go well with the decor in my bedroom lol! Sorry to hear you are still suffering with morning sickness...I had it really bad with my two and I lived on pear drops which helped stop the constant retching! Sounds like your craft space is coming along nicely...I've just ordered a new daylight lamp too...I can't wait for it to arrive, I think it will transform my sad am I lol! :) Donna ♥ x

  18. Know what you are going through - hugs to you. Loved your finished cross stitched lady - beautiful work.

  19. I have a box of various cross stitching I too haven't done much of since starting carding. Love yours.
    Hope you stop feeling sick soon, take it easy. x
    Hugs Erika.

  20. It is a gorgeous piece of art! Such beautiful colours.
    Feel sorry for you that you are sick but it is for a good cause I understood.

  21. sorry to hear you where not well on your hols, hope you got some rest, beautiful cross stitch, amazing work, hope you are now well, hugs xxxxxxx

  22. Oh this image is so gorgeous, and the color is WOW !
    I hope you will be better soon. I'm happy to see you, thanks for your comment, you're so great !
    Take care my friend !

  23. I still have loads of x-s to do, so many kits and three on the go which haven't been touched for ages, cardmaking is so much quicker isn't it! Just love this piece, I'm going to walk away now as I do not want to get any more to stitch LOL!

  24. Welcome back Juls, I do hope you feeling better soon! hugs....
    What a gorgeous piece of work, I used to cross-stitch a lot before paper crafting too, it is just too hard to find time for so many hobbies now.

  25. Hi Juls, this is stunning, love the gorgeous colours. Hope you feel better soon hun, HUGE hugs.

    Donna x

  26. Gorgeous xx Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  27. Juls, this is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have never cross stitched before but even I can tell the time and LOVE that went into this piece. Not your ordinary cross stitch either! WOW! Can't wait to see your loft. Please post pics for all of us to drool over!! Hope you feel better soon!

  28. ooohhh you poor thing Juls, motion sickness must be to your amazing puece of cross stitching, is there no end to your talent girl...hope your feeling better soon
    Mina xxx

  29. Hi Juls! Oh you poor thing! I hope you'll feel better soon! Well, your creation is just gorgeous! Love the fabulous colors and design!


  30. Welcome back, this is so PRETTY!~

  31. Fantastic cross stitch Juls.

    I have a Victorian Dolls House on the go .. .. in fact it has been "on the go" for years.

    Sorry you couldn't do much on your holiday - but I am sure the rest will have done you good.

    Your roof space sounds amazing.

    I can't wait to see some pictures of the finished look!!!

    Take care of yourself.

    Love Jules xx

  32. Gorgeous cross stitch sweetie!!
    Sorry to hear you are still been sicky sweetie & couldn't enjoy your holiday as much as you wanted.
    I bet you cant wait to get everything sorted in your new craft room so you get crafting again..would love to see pictures of it when its all finished sweetie :D
    Anyhoo best pop off..look after yourself!!
    hugs and xxx

  33. It's fabulous Juls, I really love the design and so much work has gone into it. I know how long these take as I used to cross stitch too. Sorry you haven't been well and hope you're back to full strength very soon. Hugs, Chris x

  34. I hope you are feeling better Juls!! I too love cross stitching and did that before getting into card making. I have made one cross stitch for one of my girls but would like to do one for my other dd. Love the colors on yours!! Beautiful!! I know much time has gone into this gorgeous creation.

  35. Hi Juls,

    I'm stopping bye to say hello, hope you are well.
    Lots of hugs,

  36. This is lovely Juls. I used to do cross stitch but haven't picked it up for years.

    Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with the sickness, I really do feel for you. I must admit I'd quite like another baby but the thought of going through another pregnancy puts me (and hubby!) right off... I think we're probably done! Lisa x

  37. hey chick..thanks for stopping by....i'm still playing catch up too...between xmas orders and DT stuff it seems ages since i've left any love..and as for your cross stitch..loving it..must be 6 months since i picked mine up!!...hugs Debs x