Monday, 7 June 2010

Lost Mojo

Hi All,

I am sharing with you a card I made before I went off on holiday as it feels like it has been ages since I have posted anything here. I made this card using a gorgeous Leanne Ellis design, which was coloured with copics. The Paper is "Papermania - Hint of pink".

I think I have left my Mojo in White probably prefers the weather over there!!!! I got on the scales when I got back from holiday, I knew within myself that it would not be good, but I am the heaviest I have ever been and need to loose about 3 stone to reach a healthy I have been working really hard, eating healthy and doing work outs.......after a workout I would come into my craftroom and plan to have a play but I could not get my head round what to do. Last night I set aside the whole evening....I was making a card for ages, but I don't like it, then I just gave up and watched Dr Who!........hopefully it will come back soon and I can post a bit more regularly!

Hugs Juls


  1. This is lovely your colour combo and all the layers...fab image of course!! Hope the mojo returns soon...good luck with your "unmentionable" challenge!! lol bx

  2. Strange how you can go through periods where nothing seems to go right. But you will find your inspiration again. If this happens to me I have to challenge myself to do something completely different and learn a new technique.
    Keep playing, it will return - just like Dr Who does - ha ha.
    Have a good week. Take care.
    LOL Bxxx

  3. Hi Juls
    well I dont think you have lost your mojo, its beautiful.
    hugs chris xx

  4. Oh Juls
    This is gorgeous - love the image and your layout.
    I am quite sure your MoJo will surface again very soon - you are such a talented lady.
    In the meantime - take care & enjoy your workouts - I really need to workout too so I might just join you - 'virtually' that is lol!!!
    Take care hun
    Debs xx

  5. Ime in the same situation Jules, been trying to figure out how to use microsoft office and photo shop for something to do, not that I have had much joy with that

    Love your card, such lush colours and image
    Gorgeous job!!!

  6. Just stunning, lost mojo??? try looking at your card and I think you might find you are mistaken.:)

  7. Hi Juls,
    This is a gorgeous card. I love all the layers and beautiful colours.
    My mojo has gone astray at the moment - I have sample cards to make but I don't want to go anywhere near my craft room. I hope we both find our mojo's soon.
    Hugs, Clare x

  8. Love your card... wishing you a speedy mojo recovery! Cheers, Dee

  9. What a gorgeous card Juls.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  10. Don't stress about it Juls. I think it happens to all of us from time to time. Just do what you want to do and it will return, even if its just moving things around your craft room or even having some time off!

  11. Lovely, I love how you coloured the stamp. Kim

  12. Oh Juls - I'm sure your mojo's not far away - just having a rest. I hate it when you want to make something but just nothing comes into your head - I think you did the best thing going off to watch Dr Who. No point beating yourself up about it. You know you can do great stuff (like the card above) when the mood is right.
    Hope the weight loss regime soons brings some good results.
    Beryl xx

  13. Your card is lovely and hopefully your mojo will return soon. I have too much mojo and no craft room so I'm stuck all week and go mad at the weekends!
    Good luck with the healthy eating plan (sounds soooo much better than diet lol). I'm on a bit of cut back too so I'll be with you in spirit x

  14. Hi Juls

    A great card. Loving your bright colours and all those gorgeous layers.

    Sorry you are struggling at the moment - but don't worry .. .. all that lovely inspiration will soon be back.

    A craft space re-organisation and tidy up usually gets me going.

    Love Jules xx

  15. Wonderful card.
    I love your colors.

  16. Love this card Juls. Great colour combo. Don't think your mojo can be too far away. I've spent most of the day making one card cos I couldn't make up my mind about papers and colours of plain card. I'm so picky about colours, I can't stand it if they look off to me!! Then tonight I made a card in no time at all. Need to post it tomorrow, too late now!

    Me too about weight. I could do to lose 3 stone too. I've never been this weight before!!!!!! I try to eat reasonably well. Have my 5 a day. Love fruit. Trouble is I also love crisps and cheese and I have a really sweet tooth. Maybe I could try to eat less lol!!

    Kat xx

  17. fabulous card Juls and I love the colour combo...when my mojo goes missing I have a look through my papers about quarter of the way through I have so many ideas I have to stop lol...throw the scales away girl I dont own a set, they are depressing
    Mina xxx

  18. Oh Juls ... don't worry .. your mojo will come back to you very soon! :) This card is very pretty! Love the colors and this image is beautiful!!


  19. Hi Juls,

    Your card is gorgeous! I hope you start to feel more yourself soon. Nothing worse than having a slump but I'm sure you'll be back soon!

    Sharon x

  20. brill card juls - doesn't look like you've lost your mojo!! xx

  21. What lost mojo--this is gorgeous Juls!!!

  22. Pretty colors and card! Neat how you did your layers.

  23. This is a real beauty Juls, you'd never know your mojo has gone awol :) Donna x