Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Copic Advice

Hi All,

I sold quite a few cards last week, Just to friends and family..anyway from the proceeds I have enough to buy myself a 36 Copic set.

I have had a quick look on tinternet, and now I am totally confused. As there is set A, B, C, & D.

I currently have 5 copics E00 & E21 (for skin tone) and C1, C5, & C7 (For Monochrome)

I was just wondering if anyone had advice on which set would be the best to get first!

Thanks for your help! Hugs Juls


  1. Oh Julia, they are yummy, I had mine as a suprise early Christmas pressie a couple of weeks ago. Could not get on with PM's but the Copics are brill.

    I'm no help in which set has what, but if you give my buddies a call at Stampalot they are experts and will tell you all you need to know, and sell them at good prices as well. Just say I sent you.

    B x

  2. Hi Juls

    Well done on selling your cards. Wish I could afford some Copics so can't give you any advice but I am sure you will enjoy them.

    Hugs Ali x

  3. Hi Juls

    I think the idea is that you start with set 36A, then get 36B, 36C and finally 36D to build up your collection. I started with 36A to try Copics out, and then found that once I'd got used to them I wanted to extend my colour range so I've now got 36B too and am loving having 72 pens. Don't worry that you've already got a few individual pens. Just set any new duplicates aside to use when your originals run out. You can, of course, buy set 36A and 36B together as 72A. The cheapest place to buy the sets are at who offer free Fedex delivery. They charge £59.50 for a set of 36 or £119.99 for a set of 72. Go with 36A or 72A, depending on your budget.

    Hope this helps!

    Hugs, Sem x

  4. Hi Juls,
    I also went for set A first, followed by set C. I am more than happy with the choice, but I think that whatever you do you will not be disappointed.
    Congratulations on selling your cards.
    Clare x

  5. Hiya Juls,

    Sounds like you have got some good advice there! I ahve done it a little differently....

    I ahve bought copics colour by colour. So for instance I have bought R81, R83, R85 , R87, R8 together, Then I ahve all the shades of that colour family. I am still missing quite a few families but will build up slowly!

    Enjoy your copics when you get them! Hugs Judy xx

  6. well I LOVE my copics but I have no sets.
    I bought a few here & there & found out they run out fast cause I color I began buying singles with the refill. Each marker costs alot upfront but then you have refills forever :)
    Either way you will LOVE them!!! Have fun

  7. Hi Jules,
    Like you I stalked the internet and found an Aussie site that had a good deal on 72 Copic Ciao's so went for Set A. I've got everything crossed for Santa to bring Set B which will give me all the Ciao's. The plan is to then just add odd colours-I've started with E000 in the sketch.
    Good luck!

  8. hi Juls, sorry I haven't any words of advice about the copics...I did leave you an award although I've just noticed you're already received it once or twice...n'er mind, better many times than none at all right?! bx