Monday, 7 January 2013

Mission Impossible !!

Hello All,

Mission Impossible: - Your Task is to use up all these scraps:
I was not sure about the best way to photograph these, I have a big Tesco bag for Life, full of scrap paper ... I have tried before, I really need to use them up!!!

Phase one - Use scraps to create Journal Backgrounds:

I love using scraps this way, I put no thought into a matter, Its just I grab a scrap and stick it down, knowing that it will be covered layers of paint e.c.t .... it takes a lot less planning than when I use scraps for a card e.c.t! So I created backgrounds in 7 of my journals last night ....... the result on this major attack on my scraps:

I hope you notice the Huge Dent in my scraps, LOL .... hence why its called Mission impossible, I am determined to do it!!

I also was inspired by watching Mel Heaton last week as she did the HOTP 4 day deal, she set herself the challenge of using her entire kit!! Using up scraps as you go ... I think that is the way forward, and that is my plan for when I try to put a dent in my paper stash. However lets just take one challange at a time!!

I will keep posting pictures of my reducing pile of scraps! I wonder how long it will take - eek!!

Thanks for looking
Hugs to all



  1. I have no doubt you will achieve your mission Juls and if you run out of scraps I have loads here you can have hehe.

  2. As I think we are all guilty of amassing a pile of off cuts Julia, but isn't it nice when you discover a snippet from a sheet of DP you thought had long since gone.

    I'm sure you'll get through lots of yours make some gorgeous creation.

    Wishing a great 2013.

    B x

  3. Héhé ! Great mission ! It's cool !

  4. Good luck with the task Juls, love the journal pages.

    Donna x

  5. Well done Juls for making a start with your scraps and doing 7 backgrounds in your journals. I keep every little bit of paper, just in case! Then I get fed up and want to throw it all out!!

    Kat xx

  6. When you've used up all your scraps you can come round and use some of mine if you like. They are all over the place!!
    Beryl xx

  7. good work Juls! atleast you are giving it a try! :)

  8. What a clever way to used up those scraps!!!

  9. You are so creative Juls and very green with it. I tend to diecut my scraps or just shove them in a draw and then wonder why I always have a messy craft room. The bin is the last resort. I have covered cardboard box files with music mag papers for Sam , they look quite cool.

  10. good luck using all those scraps juls.i am really bad, i have 4 folders full of offcuts and i rarely use them.My last lot i gave to Jack to mess with.

    xx coops xx

  11. Hi Juls! Laughing here at Mission Impossible - am sure the scraps or snippets breed when we're asleep!

    Why not enter this posting into the Snippets Playground so the girls can come and laugh too, although they really are such a fun and friendly bunch they'd probably just offer their sweets and a go on the swings! And you'd be in the draw for a couple of Memory Box dies on Saturday too, this is where to go and see:

    Hugs, and thanks for your comments lately! Di xx

  12. I am so guilty of hoarding snippets, and the bigger ones become smaller. I am sure you will achieve your Mission.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  13. Good luck reducing your scraps I tend to bag mine up and send them to the local school for the nursery. I have far too many to work through, yikes! I hate throwing anything useful out.
    Hope all is well with you all, hugs Erika.

  14. Hats off to you Juls for undertaking your scraps challenge, you've made a great start and I look forward to seeing your stash reduce in size :) Donna ♥ x

  15. Hi Juls, oh my word!! And I thought I was bad - nothing compared to your scraps!!!! Fab journals as well.

    Was just reading back and glad to hear you got some crafting time while visiting your family, sounds like you had a good time.


  16. Great result Juls, very satisfying to have have used a lot up. Hugs, Chris x

  17. You have made a good start with your mission impossible pages. You can always paper a wall next when you get bored.! Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Love this idea Juls I will have to use your idea...
    Hugs Kaylou xx

  19. I am interested to see how you use up your scraps.I have similar piles that need attending to! keeleyxx

  20. Wow what a mission...i wouldn't know where to start to be honest but love your idea of using them as journal backgrounds...fab!
    hugs and xxx

  21. Yep . . . that's made a huge dent in your snippets . .. NOT! Oh well, keep trying!

    I hope you enjoy many hours crafting away with your snippets.


  22. I think my scraps multiply rather than disappear, o matter how many I use there seem to be more. Great idea to use for journalling too. Hugs, Amanda x

  23. Ha ha ha! Of course I'm laughing at you, because, of course, I know the "problem"! My plan was to collect it from everywhere and put it in a box, but that's where it ends ..... Good plan to use your scraps as a background for your journals, or maybe cards. I'll keep that in mind!
    Good luck with your scraps, I'm sure you'll use them well.
    Greetings, Yvon