Thursday, 2 February 2012

Journaling Backgrounds

Dear All,

I am so sorry I have neglected you all in blogland ... I have only 5 and 1/2 weeks to go until my little girl will finally be with me, unfortunately the closer I am getting to the end the worse my health is getting, also my work has been crazy recently ... so I have had very little energy to do any crafting.....

I have packed myself a small bag of crafting goodies and have sat it in the living room, as getting up and down to the loft is proving a bit of a challenge!! LOL!!

So far my brain has not been in gear so I sat and made these background pages for future journaling, using a bag of scraps and some gel medium! ..... I have also been brave enough to tear into a book!!!!! My Lovely hubby bought me a kindle, as we thought it might be a good idea to have wen I spend all day everyday feeding a baby!! .... This is one of my Elizabeth Gaskel books, which I have now been able to download free onto my Kindle! ....... I don't think I will ever be brave enough to do the same with any one of my 4 copies of Pride and Prejudice .... even though I have that on my kindle too.

I will try my best to do a little catching up with you all, however I have a feeling that it may be a hit and miss year, with all the stories I hear about looking after a newborn I am not sure on how much time I will have for crafting or blogging!! ..... I may be back before baby is here I really need to get some thank you cards made, also I have 3 family anniversaries in March so I need to make cards for that too!!

Thanks all for taking the time to look, and for putting up with my endless waffle!!

Hugs Juls


  1. Fabulous backgrounds Juls. Sending you lots of love and best wishes.. we will see you when we see you! March is a lovely month to have a baby my daughter will be 18 on the 9th March.. you will have all the summer months to look forward to and she will be big and strong before next winter comes. Wishing you happy days and nights!! Gez.Xxx

  2. I can't believe you are so close now Juls. I am very excited for you. Go enjoy getting ready for your daughter and don't worry about blogland, we will be here whenever you want to pop back. Maybe then we will see how you use these fab journal pages.
    Take care.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  3. Hi Juls, sorry to hear you're still feeling ill you've had such a difficult time of it. Not long now though and it will all be worth while. I bet blogging will be the last thing on your mind for a while but don't forget to share some pics of your new arrival :-)
    Love your backgrounds, gorgeous delicate colours and so brave to tear into those book pages
    Claire xx

  4. Very inspiring work!
    So exciting that it's almost baby time!! But yeah, a newborn pretty much demands ALL your attention :) Have fun!

  5. Very pretty and artsy pages Juls. Keeping you and your sweet baby in my thoughts. Don't worry about crafting or blogging, just rest up until the baby comes. Wishing you all the best!

  6. Hi Juls! I'm getting soooo excited for you! I was recently blessed with a grandson and I can't tell you how much joy he's given us in only a short few months! Yup, your crafting days will come to a screeching halt soon, lol, but she will fill your days with so much love. I can't wait to see some baby pictures in a few weeks! Take good care! Big hugs!

  7. Oh wow not long to go now then Juls!! Love your gorgeous journal, you have such great ideas. Keep warm and safe;)

  8. Hi hun

    Where has the time gone. How exciting though - and a little girl - well my best advice for you is make the most of the time she sleeps. In other words if your baby sleeps you sleep. DO NOT get up and think of doing housework. Enjoy and I hope you will let us see some pictures when the big day arrives.
    You have made some beautiful journal pages. Oh and thank you for visiting me today - just take care of yourself.

    Big hugs Ali x

  9. oh wow Hun now long know,Hun,really chuffed for you,love your gorgeous journal Hun hugs cherylxxxx

  10. great journal pages how you`ve layered all the scraps together.
    not long to go now hun,i bet you can`t take it easy and rest before you little girl arrives ;D

    xx coops xx

  11. Oh a superb idea again ! Love your creations, always !
    I'm happy to see you Juls ! Have a nice week-end ! Take care my friend !

  12. wishing you all the very best Juls and that you feel loads better once your little girl is with you.

  13. Beautiful journal pages Juls. I can't believe your baby will be here soon. I'm sure you're just longing for her to be here. How exciting that you know you're having a girl. I agree with the idea that when she's sleeping you rest too and don't think about housework. As for blogging, well we'll still be here when you've got a minute to pop online. And we'll be dying to see pics of the new arrival. Don't believe everyone who says babies keep you up all night or on the hop all the time. My son was a brilliant sleeper as a baby. People used to say they could see the pram outside the front door all day but no Iain, he was in it sound asleep. If the other two hadn't been good sleepers too I would have taken it really badly. Luckily for me they were.

    Anyway try to get some rest while you can before the baby comes and just enjoy her when she comes. I know everyone says they're not babies long but it really is true!

    Take care,

    Kat xx

  14. Juls - great to see you creating. Bottom line - look after yourself, we will all be here when you return! The time FLIES by..... enjoy every minute of it. First six weeks I found the hardest - lack of sleep, etc. But sitting staring at a newborn (your own newborn) is just AMAZING. Take lots and lots of photos! Hugs to you, Deirdre

  15. Hi Juls

    How goes it?

    Are you still around and blooming or is your precious bundle in the world?

    Make the most of her Juls and treasure every minute.

    I wish I was just starting my family all over again!

    All the best

    Love Jules xx

  16. Great backgrounds, not long now, how exciting. Don't worry about visiting us in blogland, look after yourself and enjoy your baby girl when she arrives.

  17. hey sweets!
    I miss you :(
    hope you & your sweet little one are good!

  18. Wonderful idea! Another thing we have in common I love Pride & Prejudice too! You'll be a bit busy at first, but you get in a routine pretty quickly, just enjoy that special time with your sweet girl, they grow so fast! And thanks soooo much for all the comments, you shouldn't have done that, one would have been just fine, your sweet! :) Big hugs!

  19. Hang in there! The reward is great!